This is a poster that i had made in the early weeks showing all sexual orientations and disorders, i have added some controversial themes in here such as the baby and cat. I got inspiration from the “Keep Calm and Carry On” posters . Here are some examples of what i am talking about.


This is my self initiated minor project i am working on in my 3rd and final year in University. I have very positive views towards homosexuality and feel i need to raise awareness to how homophobia affects people, especially in lesser developed countries. 

It started off as a sexuality disorders awareness project which explored disorders such as Objectum sexuality and zoophilia but after some careful consideration, i decided to stick with homophobia awareness as it is more of a well known issue which needs adressing.


It is the summer project and i am going to be researching 3 different areas to possibly do my project work on for when i return to university . These three ideas include Acceptance and awareness  of “difference”and what is considered so , unusual cuisine and Internet culture. I have a great interest in these subjects and would like to explore them further and maybe do a project on one of them during the term time .


Final project of 2nd year

creativebox copy calmbox peace box copy calmbox copy laughter box copy joybox copy passion box1 copyI had to make a range of packaging for “happiness” after deciding they would look like a pack of cereal boxes to represent a spectrum of different types of happiness

Illustration Project: Narrative Lines

Title IMG_0010 IMG_0009 image 13 image 12 image 11 image 8 image 7 image 6 image 5 image 3 image 2 image 1Illustration Project: Narrative Lines

This was my first major project upon starting University. I had to make a book about the events and life of Civil engineer Joseph Bazalgette. The book tells the tale of how he invented the complex and successful sewer system that is still in use today , which is used to carry waste products to the sea

Editorial process project

magazine project4 magazine project3 magazine project6 magazine project5 magazine project8 magazine project7 magazine project9Editorial process project

This was my project in Graphic design , after transferring from Illustration. I had to make a magazine and chose to do chocolate as my subject. I learned a lot on how to use InDesign for this and the name “Theobroma Cacao” proved to be popular, due to it being unique